Copyright Info

Copyrights and Usage Information

Please note unless otherwise stated on this site, all of the Text/Recipes, Photography, Art and Graphics presented on Beyond #MeatlessMonday and in any other galleries I may have at this domain are the original copyrighted property of Lee Hiller –

As such, you may not use them without my expressed consent for any commercial purpose.

My Photography, Art and Graphics are presented here and many other locations on the internet for the purpose of sharing them with others.   I understand you may want to download them or even share them yourself.  With that in mind, please respect the following stipulations :

You MAY …

  • Download a copy of my images for your own personal, non-profit use.  This includes using them as wallpaper / screensavers for your personal computers (but not distributing them in collections of such – see below).
  • Share my posts, pages, galleries, etc. through social media/networking outlets like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and others – as long as this “sharing” always points back to my original post or image.  All copyright restrictions apply to those receiving the posts / images.
  • If you would like to use an image in a non-commercial blog or website (other than re-blogging) please Contact Me for further information.

You MAY NOT! …

  • Add text to my images and distribute as cards or memes when sharing. (They must be presented without editing)
  • Add them to your commercial blog, website, article marketing etc. without written consent.
  • Use my images or any derivative of them for commercial purposes without my expressed consent.
  • Include my images in distributed collections of any kind or use them in applications or designs of any sort without my expressed consent.
  • Remove or modify any embedded copyright and/or meta-data from my image files.
  • claim my text or images as your own.

If you do wish to use any of my recipes or images in a commercial sense – please don’t hesitate to Contact Me … you may be surprised at how generous I am!

Images on this site and others are presented “optimized” for the web low-DPI and will not make large prints.  If you would like to purchase one of my images as a high-quality art print pleas Contact Me and I will be happy to quote you a reasonable price!

Thank you respecting these requirements, and I hope you enjoy reading my blog and viewing my recipes and images

Kindest Thoughts and Wishes,
Lee Hiller


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