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I am passionate about Nature, Photography, Music, Art and Poetry.  It would be my pleasure to custom design or create a special item for you or a loved on using my many photographs or designs, please contact me for pricing.

When I am not hiking I design items from my photographs, poetry and art.  These items can be viewed and purchased at:
Lee Hiller Designs | Lee Hiller Design | Lee Hiller  (on Amazon)
Lee Hiller Photography | Lee Hiller PhotoPoet Store | Lee Hiller vegan Designs

Lee Hiller Hiking in Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas

Lee Hiller Hiking in Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas


I am neither guru or expert, I prefer to think of myself as an “encouraging advocate” for planet earth. Getting people excited about reconnecting with Nature via my blog Hike Our Planet (HikeOurPlanet.com) is my goal. Once we see and feel our connection with the natural world it is inevitable we will want to protect our fragile environment. Who can forget how Jacques Cousteau’s “The Cousteau Odyssey” changed how we view our oceans and the creatures that call it home. It was a gentle persuasion encouraging us to Love a rarely seen marine environment by taking us on their adventures. I would Love to in some small way bring awareness and caring for Nature and it’s fragile environment via my hiking and photography.

Lee Hiller Hiking in Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas

Lee Hiller Hiking in Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas

Growing up in Oregon Green Living was part of everyday life, and 53 years on it is as Natural as breathing. This is not to say I have not gotten off course from time to time, I am human after all. Caring for the environment has always been a major part of my life. I can remember as a child recycling, composting and working in the garden. My Father was in touch with Nature and taught me early on to work with it not against it’s organic flow. He would always say “leave the weeds in the vegetable garden as the insects prefer eating them”. He never used pesticides and we always used natural sprays of garlic and cayenne pepper as an insect deterrent.

I often feel as if the Green movement is catching up with what I was taught as a child. For me Green means adopting old ideas and adding new ideas in an effort to act responsibly while recognizing we live in the electronic age. I was proud to be a Greenie Tree Hugger even when it was considered a fringe idea.

My beloved husband Rick and me in Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas

Happy Hiking Vegans – My beloved husband Rick and me in Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas

Have a Glorious Adventure Today filled with Love, Joy and Peace,



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